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Gain Workout

Gain Workout

The following workout routine consists of three days of training per week, spitted in 2 parts each day. The workout takes place in the system of a Three Day Split - Routine. That means the whole body is trained during the period of a week, which ensures sufficient recovery periods between the workouts. Select weights so that you can reach the specified number of repetitions. It is more important to execute the exercises correctly and concentrated as take a lot of weight and cheating on the exercise execution. In addition, each workout is completed by a 10 to 15 minutes abs workout. The abdominal workout has to be completed in 4 rounds. Further basic informationen about workouts you will find in section Workouts on paragraph 10 Tips for more effective workouts

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Workout Day 1

Workout Day 2

Workout Day 3

Post Workout

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The workout routine is created with the Custom-Workout-Builder of Workout Labs, LLC.