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How is your physical health and fitness?

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ideal weight calculator, (body mass index) bmi calculator, health & fitness app

BMI Calculator

With the BMI-Calculator you have the possibility to determine your recommended ideal weight, suggested by the World-Health-Organization (WHO). The Body-Mass-Index (BMI) is on the one hand only an approximate value and should not be overrated, but on the other hand this value is a well-researched benchmark to evaluate the human ideal weight.

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ideal weight calculator, (waist to height ratio) whtr calculator, health & fitness app

WHtR Calculator

By the usage of the WHtR-Calculator you have the possibility to determine the range of your ideal weight and your ideal belly waist. The WHtR-value delivers meaningful results regarding the body weight for sporty people or for people with body sizes out of the norm. The Waist to Height Ratio (WHtR) is considered as one of the most meaningful values to determine danger zones relating to overweight.

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calorie calculator, calculate calorie intake and consumption, calculate basal and total metabolic rate, health & fitness app

Calorie Calculator

The Calorie Calculator provides you realistic values relating your daily calorie intake and consumption. Determine your daily basal-metabolic-rate and your total-metabolic-rate to coordinate your balance of energy in direction of your own individual goals. No matter if this goal is lose body weight or increase your body weight.

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determine metabolic type, health & fitness app

Metabolic Type Analysis

Determine your metabolic type to achieve better and faster results in losing or increasing your body weight. Your individual metabolic type is the base for an appropriate nutrition and for successful physical fitness workouts.

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body fat calculator, health & fitness app

Fat Calculator

The Body-Fat-Calculator gives you the possibility to determine your body fat content. For the determination of your body fat content a so-called “Skinfold-Caliper” (costs about $20) is needed! The skinfold measurement with a “Caliper” is considered as one of the most exact methods to determine human’s body fat content.

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pulse calculator, beat per minute bpm calculater, health & fitness app

Pulse Calculator

The Pulse Calculator determines your individual workout heart rate zones (pulse zones). No matter if your target is to increase muscle mass or only to reduce your body fat, training in the right pulse zones gives you the benefit to reach your goals easier and more effective.

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sixpack abs calculator, get six pack abs, health & fitness app

Sixpack Calculator

The sixpack abs calculator tells you exactly how long you have to wait for your well-defined abs and what you need to do to get these. Reach the goal and earn sixpack abs.

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