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Sixpack Abs Calculator

Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper


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Age (Years): {{inputData.age}}

Gender: {{inputData.gender}}

Height: {{inputData.bodyHeight}} {{unitHeightR}}

Weight: {{inputData.bodyWeight}} {{unitWeightR}}

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Weight: {{inputData.bodyWeightLb}} {{unitWeightR}}

Body Fat Percentage: ({{sixPackResult.bodyFatMassNow}}) {{inputData.bodyFatPercentage}}%

Sixpack @:{{sixPackResult.bodyFatPercentageGoal}}

Here you can see how far you're still away from your Sixpack Abs!

Calories to burn: {{sixPackResult.bodyFatToReduceKcal}} | {{sixPackResult.bodyFatToReduceMass}}

To give you a feeling how long it will take you to reach your goal, you will find in the table below a variety of sports and the number of hours you have to workout, until you reach your six pack abs. It's up to you how long you will need for your six pack abs, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT, IT WORKS TO 100%! So what are you waiting for?



{{sixPackResult.exerciseHours[0]}} hours


Jogging (slow running - moderate physical stress)

{{sixPackResult.exerciseHours[1]}} hours


Running (fast running - high physical stress)

{{sixPackResult.exerciseHours[2]}} hours



{{sixPackResult.exerciseHours[3]}} hours



{{sixPackResult.exerciseHours[4]}} hours


Calisthenics (pushups, situps, pullups, jumping jacks, ..)

{{sixPackResult.exerciseHours[5]}} hours

Just a little tip: You can reach your achieved goal faster and with less effort, if you also save a part of the kcal, which you have to burn by a diet. But don’t overdo it! A too reduced diet would weaken or slow down your metabolism, which may cause in a lower basal metabolic rate and because of that you could need more time to reach the sixpack.

And don’t forget, 2 times a week -> 15 min belly workout!

Stay tuned !


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