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Danger Zone

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BPM (Heart-Rate) = Heartbeats per Minute (Pulse)

For closer information concerning the individual workout zones see the following section.

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Advantages of workouts in the correct heart rate zones

Due to various exercise intensities in the various physical stress zones, it is possible to reach your targeted goals faster, because each zone supports individual goals. Through the alignment of your individually tailored pulse zones with your workouts it is possible to reach your own targets with less effort. The various physical stress zones are generally divided into 5 zones:

1) Recovery Zone

The first zone is the so-called Recovery Zone (stress level - very low to low) in this pulse range, especially the cardiovascular system (circulatory system) is strengthened. This area is ideal for people who want to enter into physical training.

2) Fat Burning Zone

The second zone is the Fat Burning Zone (stress level - low to moderate), it should be noted that this is not really a zone, in which only fat is burned, but relatively seen it is the zone compared with all other zones, where more fat than muscle mass is burned to provide the needed energy for your exercises. Body fat reduction only occurs through a negative energy balance, this means to provide a lower amount of calories than you consume. In addition, also the cardiovascular system is trained and thus strengthened in this zone.

3) Aerobic Zone

In the Aerobic Zone (stress level - medium to stressful) carbs and fats are burned for energy generation in the muscle cells. This zone is used to increase endurance and support the cardiovascular system as well as the lungs and the metabolism.

4) Anaerobic Zone

The 4-zone is the Anaerobic Zone (stress level - stressful to very stressful) in this zone, the body can no longer cover the demand of needed oxygen. This area is the best one to build strength and muscle mass.

5) Danger Zone

The last zone, the Danger Zone (stress level - extremely stressful, maximum load at absolute power limit) should be treated with caution. This zone is dangerous for beginners and can be harmful to the heart.