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WHtR Calculator

System of units

(Men measure the waist circumference at the widest point, Women measure around the narrowest part of her hip.)


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Waist-to-Height-Ratio (WHtR)

The Waist-to-Height-Ratio (WHtR) is considered as the most meaningful value for the determination of risk areas in relation to obesity. In contrast to the Body-Mass-Index (BMI) not the body weight but the body waist is on main focus. The body waist is set in relation to body size, the result of the consideration can be an important indicator of the health condition of people. A big belly is a health risk, because the fat cells around the organs secrete substances, which can thus lead to calcification of arteries and an increased risk of heart attacks. In addition, the risk of disease with type-2 diabetes is increased. Another advantage compared with the BMI is, that the BMI provides little information about health-related causes of over- or under-weight, since, for example, very muscular men have a high BMI, but show no signs of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Table WHtR

Age class (Years)0 - 1516 - 3940 - 5050+
Underweightless 0,34less 0,40less 0,40less 0,40
Normal weight0,34 to 0,450,40 to 0,500,40 to 0,50+i0,40 to 0,60
Overweight0,46 to 0,510,51 to 0,560,51+i to 0,56+i0,61 to 0,66
Obese0,52 to 0,630,57 to 0,680,57+i to 0,68+i0,67 to 0,78
Critically obesegreater 0,63greater 0,68greater 0,68+igreater 0,78

Compensation value (i) in column 4 = ( (Age in Years) - 40 ) * 0,01)