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Body-Mass-Index (BMI)

The Body-Mass-Index (BMI) is a parameter for the assessment of body weight of a person in relation to its body size. However, the index is only a rough guide because it does not capture the physical stature and its different composition of weight from fat and muscles. In addition to the Body-Mass-Index the Waist-to-Height-Ratio (WHtR) is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, because the WHtR is probably the most accurate way to assess the body shape.

Table-BMI according World Health Organisation (WHO)

Age class (Years)18 - 2425 - 3435 - 4445 - 5455 - 6465+
Underweightless 19less 20less 21less 22less 23less 24
Normal weight19 to 2420 to 2521 to 2622 to 2723 to 2824 to 29
Overweight24 to 2925 to 3026 to 3127 to 3228 to 3329 to 34
Obese29 to 3930 to 4031 to 4132 to 4233 to 4334 to 44
Critically obesegreater 39greater 40greater 41greater 42greater 43greater 44